On your marks

Dear Friends,

We are grateful that over the years people have given tons of blessings to us and we have purchased tons more.  What we have not done as well is distributed as much as we have taken in.  While sorting through storage areas at home and an offsite warehouse I rent for business purposes many items have some value remaining for the right person or family.  It’s my guess that the same is true for many of you.

So the decision was made to start a marketplace for the Stanley Family friends and extended family across the nation. At the same time the platform can facilitate a no hassle fundraising platform for sister community development causes across the country as well.  But more than all the clutter ridding and fundraising in the world…. let’s engage, connect, encourage one another.  Let’s pray for one another, and help each over the goal line of freedom, whatever that means to you and your household.

Our prayers are with, for your success, and the fulfillment of God’s will in your life.  May your joy outweigh any moments of grief everyday and always.

Grace & Peace.

Wen Sr.

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